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Quality & Innovation

We Strive for Business of Great Value

Ever since its establishment, Cornes AG. Corporation has distributed high productive efficiency from the worlds leading dairy farming countries to the Japanese farmers. By introducing and delivering innovative products together with the know-how of advanced farming cultures from all over the world, we aim to set the benchmark at every aspect of the Japanese dairy farming industry, from grassland to milking and manure processing.

However, faced with global economic depression, increased cost competition from overseas markets and a declining workforce, dairy farms need to pursuit in scale to keep up. In the midst of all this, in order to lead the Japanese dairy farming industry in the right direction, new ideas and innovative changes are indeed necessary.

As a professional trading company focused on dairy farming, we invest effort to improve the entire environment of our partners' production sites. To achieve our corporate mission, Cornes AG. contributes to the farming of all our customers. We take great pride in our work and have an atmosphere where our staff members continuously grow through friendly competition and always with our code of conduct "Quality & Innovation" in mind.

To further develop and advance the Japanese dairy farming, in accordance with the current trend towards higher performance machinery and increasingly sophisticated dairy equipment. To commit to our responsibility by putting a standard of excellent service into practice. To already now take steps and prepare for coming generation's dairy farming.
That is what we are here to do.